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6 & 12 40/20/2/200 Amp Commercial Charger

Century by Lincoln Electric® MODEL K3149-1 FEATURES

  • 200 amp 12V engine start helps start stubborn motors.
  • 40 amp high, 20 amp medium and 2 amp low 12V charge settings.
  • 130 amp start and 40 amp high 6V charge setting.
  • Low 2 amp setting is ideal for charging 12 volt motorcycle and lawn mower batteries.
  • Test feature identifies 12V battery and alternator problems, indicates battery state of charge.
  • Charges automotive batteries in 1 to 3 hours.
  • Large, easy to read 3” Ammeter and Voltmeter help monitor charging progress and identify problem battery conditions.
  • Two hour timer with hold position.
  • Heavy duty insulated clamps grip securely on all batteries and safely store on clamp holders.
  • Six foot, 6 gauge copper output cables.
  • 5 year limited warranty on transformer & rectifier, 2 years on unit, and 1 year on cables.