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6 & 12 V, 10 Amp Manual & Automatic Battery Charger with 55 amp 12V Engine Start

Century by Lincoln Electric® MODEL K3152-1 FEATURES

  • 55 amp engine start helps start stubborn 12V motors.
  • 10 amp high, 2 amp low 12V Automatic and Manual charge settings.
  • 12V Manual settings allow charging deeply discharged 12V batteries that many automatic chargers cannot.
  • 12V Automatically shuts off when battery is fully charged. Resumes charging if battery becomes discharged.
  • Charges automotive batteries in 2 to 5 hours.
  • Low 2 amp setting is ideal for charging 12 volt motorcycle and lawn mower batteries.
  • LEDs - reverse connection and abnormal battery red light, charging and charge complete green light.
  • Heavy duty insulated clamps grip securely on all batteries and safely store on clamp holders.