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100A BEnch Charger 55A Bench Charger



Application feature: Automatic 12V Deep Cycle setting for full charge.

You're in a race with 50-100 laps until the finish line, and your alternator quits working. You need the confidence of knowing your battery is properly charged.

Century by Lincoln Electric® Battery Chargers are specifically used by Benefield Racing for reliabilty and durability. Benefield Racing has had continued sucesss with Century Battery Chargers, and the reliability of fully charging a 2000A deep cycle battery, found in most race cars today.

A TOUGH environment requires TOUGH TOOLS.

K3152-1, 55A Jump start
K3153-1, 100A Jump start

Chargers for 6, 12 volt maintenance free, conventional wet, deep cycle, AGM/VRLA and Gel batteries used in cars, trucks, farm equipment, RV, boats and commercial applications.